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Le Mont-Saint-Michel au péril de l'homme

Century Flyer introduces:
Le Mont-Saint-Michel au péril de l’homme
by Germaine Wecker (biography)
followed by:
Le Guide de survie du miquelot
an outline of next Guide for Crossing the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel
by Bernard Dujardin (biography)

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This essay opens up on the most visited medieval monument in Europe. In addition to new historical perspectives, « Le Mont-Saint-Michel au péril de l’homme » takes an original look on two counts: an impertinent but nevertheless pertinent analysis; a fresh approach by a foreign observer (the existing literature on Mont-Saint-Michel is poor in works written by women and/or by non-French authors).
« Le Guide de survie du Miquelot » defuses the apocalyptic myths of walking across Mont-Saint-Michel bay and allows the pilgrims to consider an approach of the Merveille on foot via the northern route.

336 PAGES | 19 €
Published on April 24th 2015
ISBN : 978-2-9549511-0-2

Selected excerpts in French
Table of contents - Read some pieces:
- in peril of...
- in peril of those of the Land Party
- in peril of those of the Sea Party
- travel guide for the pilgrim
Reference : Revue Maritime 2010/11

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Latest news from Mont-Saint-Michel, illustrative of the Germaine Wecker's assessment

Forthcoming, the "Guide for Crossing the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel A Guide for Surviving the Miquelot" by Bernard DUJARDIN, translated by Michael T. CONE , Esq. This e-book is the English version of the French-written « Guide de la traversée de la baie du Mont-Saint-Michel », extended new edition of the « Guide de survie du Miquelot », soon available in electronic publishing on the Internet for a price of € 3.99. It contains all of the following tips to help you perform a gorgeous pilgrimage across the Bay.
Read this online excerpt from the "Guide for Crossing the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel". It gives you an explained view on the bay environment:

Enjoy your crossing !

Timetables of Mont-Saint-Michel island periods give the schedules when Mont-Saint-Michel is circled by the flood tide and offer you to download them for printing.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel au péril de l'homme


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