A World wind blowing Company
Le vent portant de vos entreprises


EEZ wind is a blue gold resource
Guadeloupe offshore energy future
A rationale governmental answer for carbon free energetic mix:
- economic (profitable and subsidy-free renewable energy),
- positive (prospect of an affordable clean vehicle !),
- agreed (power generation far from your and neighbour backyards),
- generous (for employment, industrialization and development).
An emotive governmental answer induces an environmental conservative approach:
- regressive (model zero growth),
- repressive (fines and taxes),
- wasting (Seine Escaut Canal to compete with English Channel),
- cartoonist (pyrenean bear, alpine wolf, caribbean manatee).

From early aeroplane to jumbo jet.

From "small is beautiful" to big industry, energy transition is taking a turn towards an highway. The actual renewable energy enters rationale clean economy era.
Century Flyer helps this industrial revolution.