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Century Flyer® is a consulting firm, providing, all over the world, high-quality services to companies and public bodies.

A xxist century answer to needs of world shipping.
In the top spot of ships of the future, the Shore Controlled and Monitored Vessel (SCMV) adds to SCMV the supply of cargo ships for merchant marine :
- Social performance in term of work conditions.
- Ecological performance.
- Economic performance.
- Safety performance.
- Security performance.
- Reliability performance.


1. A new efficient tool for line and tramp shipping.
2. A new way to practice ship piloting for seafarers.
3. A smart response to the needs of alternative transport modes in Europe for Short Sea Shipping (SSS).
4. A one-of-a-kind R & D project in France.
5. Women in shipping.
6. Topics 2020 on Shore Controlled and Monitored Vessel