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Century Flyer® is a consulting firm, providing, all over the world, high-quality services to companies and public bodies.

Century Flyer® is a Project Management Assistance enterprise. Customers are welcomed as High Reliability Organizations (HRO).

From customer's final stated need, assistance carries successively on assistance for specifications drafting, reviewing calls for tenders, selection of the project contractor, project implementation follow-up and audits at strategic recovery points to be -if necessary- in a position to correct problems arising during implementation. References are at customer's disposal:

1. Master plans to establish security and safety environment for public and private bodies in EU.

2. Exploring, acquiring and making operational specialized vessels.

3. Optimizing financing instruments for industrial equipment.

4. Optimizing financing instruments for social housing programs.

5. Project management for structuring development plans (farming, tourism, energy, training…).

6. Supervision of information systems implementation in large bodies.